Bryce Canyon National Park

While many people are content to experience Bryce Canyon National Park from the overlooks, the real magic of the park becomes apparent only by taking advantage of the park’s spectacular hiking trails. Many of the trails weave through the majestic and mysterious hoodoos. The Claron Formation of sandstone creates giant pillars all around you as you come around every turn. These are most apparent along the Fairlyland Canyon, Queen’s Garden, Navajo Loop, and Peek-a-Boo Trails. While each bring hikers through incredible hoodoo formations, they also all offer their own unique scenic beauty. Another trail also highlights an ancient bristlecone pine tree, while another showcases a perennial waterfall near a mossy cave.
Bryce Canyon National Park Hiking Trails

Mossy Cave Waterfall
Sunset over Fairyland Canyon
Hoodoos Along Peek-a-Boo Loop
Old Bristlecone Pine
Bryce Canyon Hoodoos