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Whale Rock Winding Into the Distance 0

Whale Rock

Whale Rock is a moderate 0.4 mile hike in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park, bringing hikers to the top of a sandstone fin with 360 degree panoramic views.

Grizzly 399 Leading Cubs Along a Hilltop 0

How to Not Get Attacked By a Bear

Whether you’re hiking among black bears, grizzly bears, or both, the general rules for not getting into trouble are pretty consistent. Following them can ensure that you have a safe and exciting time in the outdoors.

Balanced Rock Below Storm Clouds 0

Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock Trail is an easy 0.3 mile hike in Arches National Park that circumnavigates the prominent titular sandstone feature.

Storm Clouds Behind Broken Arch 0

Sand Dune and Broken Arch Loop

The Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch hike is a 1.7 mile round trip, with the option to extend it into 2.9 miles to include Tapestry Arch and the full Broken Arch Loop.

Colorful Sky over Lava Landscape 0

Lava Trail Loop

The Lava Trail Loop is a 1 mile loop on Hell’s Half Acre, Idaho that brings hikers across a rugged and wild volcanic landscape.

Hiker Overlooking Lava Vent 0

Twenty Mile Trail

The Twenty Mile Trail is a 5.1 mile hike in Hell’s Half Acre beginning at the Lava Rocks Trailhead in the Snake River Plain of southeastern Idaho. While the trail itself is 4.5 miles, it will require you to use a section of the shorter loop trail which will add about 0.5 miles each way.

Hiker on Trail Below Middle Teton 0

Garnet Canyon

The Garnet Canyon hike in Grand Teton National Park is a strenuous 4.2 trail that optionally continues farther up to the Lower Saddle and beyond.

Hiker Descending Broken Top Loop 0

Broken Top Loop

The Broken Top Loop Trail is an easy 1.8 mile loop in Craters of the Moon National Monument that brings hikers around the youngest volcano on the Snake River Plain.

Hiker Admiring Tree Molds 0

Tree Molds

The Tree Molds Trail is an easy 1 mile hike in Craters of the Moon National Monument to a unique feature in a lava flow.

Limber Pine on Inferno Cone 0

Inferno Cone

The Inferno Cone hike is a strenuous 0.2 mile trail in Craters of the Moon National Monument that goes straight up a cinder cone to provide panoramic views of the surrounding terrain.

Hiker in Grand Wash 0

Grand Wash

Grand Wash is an easy 2.3 mile hike in Capitol Reef National Park that brings hikers through a deep canyon with imposing narrows roughly halfway through the hike.

Lava Rocks and Limber Pines 0

Devil’s Orchard

The Devil’s Orchard Trail is an easy 0.5 mile paved loop in Craters of the Moon National Monument that features large chunks of lava carried down from the nearby craters.

Hiker Admiring Spatter Cone 0

Spatter Cone

The Spatter Cone Trail is an easy 0.1 mile paved trail that brings visitors into a dormant spatter cone in Craters of the Moon National Monument.