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Sun Shining Through Fall Aspen Trees 0

Aspen Trail

The Aspen Trail is a 4.6 mile trail in the western foothills of the Teton Mountains, bringing hikers through countless groves of aspen trees. It’s a scenic hike high above Teton Valley with spectacular displays of both summer and fall aspen trees.

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Phelps Lake Loop

The Phelps Lake Loop is a 7 mile loop trail that circles the beautiful Phelps Lake at the base of the Teton Mountains, originating from the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. It’s considered one of Grand Teton National Park’s must-do hikes and is consistently less crowded than its counterparts of Jenny and Taggart Lakes.

Double Arch Above Landscape 0

Double Arch

The Double Arch Trail is a short and easy 0.3 mile hike to a gargantuan natural arch with two arches spanning above the end of the trail. Found the in the same parking area as The Windows Trail, it’s an easy addition while in the area.

Arching Trees Above Beaver Dam

East Mountain to Round Hill Loop

The East Mountain to Round Hill Loop is a beautiful 7.3 mile hike found within Clarence Fahnestock State Park in New York. The loop meanders over one small mountain and then traverses to another before closing the loop, consistently wandering through the old deciduous forest that’s a staple of the region.

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Wind Cave

The Wind Cave Trail is a moderate 3.25 mile hike in Darby Canyon of the Teton Mountains. At the end of the trail is the titular cave, complete with a waterfall pouring out of the opening early in the summer season.

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Best Winter Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

There’s a certain calmness and peace in Grand Teton National Park during the winter season. It’s practically empty and everything’s covered in pure white snow. While all the best hikes are inaccessible to most traditional hikers, there are still many options that can still be enjoyed, especially on snowshoes!

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Coal Creek-Mesquite Canyon Divide

The Coal Creek-Mesquite Canyon Divide hike is a strenuous 3 mile hike that ascends Coal Creek Canyon in the Teton Mountains. The hike culminates on the divide where hikers are rewarded with a sweeping view of Mesquite Canyon below with upper Moose Canyon in the distance, all crowned by the Grand Teton rising above the distant mountains.

Bottom of the Grand Canyon

South Kaibab Trail

The South Kaibab Trail is a 7.1 mile-long trail in Grand Canyon National Park, and is one of only three maintained trails within the park. The trail is infamous for its steep grade to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, offering both a quick route down to the Colorado River, and an exhausting but shorter alternative back up to the South Rim to its counterpart, the Bright Angel Trail.

Hillbender Trail Descending Below Large Peaks 0

Hillbender and Grumpy Loop

The Hillbender and Grumpy Loop is made up of two trails found in the Mike Harris trail network. It offers both scenic vistas of the surrounding area, as well as lots of time in a deep and old forest, giving hikers an intimate view of the mature woods.

Hiker Looking Up Avalanche Canyon

Taggart and Bradley Lakes Loop

The Taggart and Bradley Lakes Loop hike is a moderate 7 mile hike around two stunning glacial lakes at the base of the Teton Mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

Cache Creek Trail Along Cache Creek

Cache Creek

The Cache Creek Trail is an easy and pleasant hike through a canyon at the edge of the town of Jackson, Wyoming, at the base of the Gros Ventre Mountains. The boundary to the Gros Ventre Wilderness is 5.6 miles up the trail, though many people hike up to a few miles before turning back.

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Crater Lake

The Crater Lake hike is a 1.3 mile hike up to a small glacial lake in the Teton Mountains along Old Pass Road, fed from snow melt high above from the Glory Bowl. The consistent elevation gain is not as hard as you might expect, offering a pleasant and short hike to a beautiful lake.

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Morning Glory Arch

Morning Glory Arch is a large natural arch in the back of a side canyon of Grandstaff Canyon in Moab, Utah. The 2.4 mile hike to the arch wanders along a perennial creek below gorgeous sandstone cliffs before entering the majestic side canyon that contains Morning Glory Arch.

Midway Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic 0

Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail

The Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail is a short 0.85 mile hike that brings visitors to a stunning partially aerial view of one of the world’s largest hot springs, Grand Prismatic Spring. The hike is easy going for the bulk of the trail until ascending toward the overlook.

Jackson Hole Below Jackson Peak

Jackson Peak

The Jackson Peak hike is a 5.25 mile trek and is a fantastic intro into climbing one of the peaks surrounding Jackson Hole. From within the valley, it’s one of the relatively easier climbs that give you significant altitude, providing a stunning vista from its summit.

Jackson Hole Below Mount Elly 0

Mount Elly

Mount Elly is an easily accessible peak in the northern Snake River Mountain Range, topping out at 9,262 feet above sea level. The hike to the summit is relatively easy, beginning along Highway 22 at Teton Pass at 8,424 feet above sea level, leaving only 800 feet to gain over 2 miles.

Phelps Lake and Autumn Colors 0

Phelps Lake via Lake Creek Trail

Phelps Lake is a gorgeous glacial lake in Grand Teton National Park at the mouth of Death Canyon, most frequently accessed from easy 1.5 mile hike from the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve. Though many trails converge at the lake, the Lake Creek Trail is the only one that will bring you there along a lush and rushing creek.

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Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Trail in Arches National Park is a short and easy 1 mile hike that follows a wash through immense and massive sandstone cliffs.