Monthly Archive: April 2016

Grand Canyon from Coconino Rim 0

Day 45: Coconino Rim to Tusayan

My feet were beginning to complain again, particularly the left, which has had trouble adjusting to life on the trail. It’s about a half size smaller than my right foot, the latter of which...

Arizona Trail Sign on Dirt Road 0

Day 43: Cinder Cones to Babbitt Ranch

There’s a section of the Arizona Trail that’s become infamous for its lengthy dirt road walking. It’s through this stretch that water is scarce and interesting features even less so. Having not looked much...

Thru-Hiker at Schultz Tank 0

Day 41: I-40 to Snow Bowl Road

There’s definitely been a different mood about the trail that I’ve been feeling, and I don’t like it. I can’t tell if I’ve just grown tired of the monotony of the forest, or if...