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Though the Gros Ventre Mountains typically get overshadowed by the nearby Teton Mountains, they’re still packed with trails that locals love to frequent. The mountains receive little traffic relative to the neighboring Tetons, giving hikers a sense of solitude and serenity often hard to find so close to a major tourist destination. With rugged peaks and crystal clear streams, the Gros Ventre Wilderness found in the heart of the Gros Ventres is a mountain paradise that is hard to compete with. Trails provide access from all different directions, including from Goodwyn Lake, Granite Canyon, and Gros Ventre Road.
Gros Ventre Mountains Trails

Teton Mountains Rising Out of Jackson Hole 0

Crystal Butte

Crystal Butte’s first mile is infamous for its steepness and ascent. Gaining an average of 100 feet every tenth of a mile, the trail climbs at a relentless rate, all the while providing outstanding...

Balsamroot Wildflowers on Snow King 0

Snow King Mountain

Distance: 2 miles Type: Out and back Difficulty: Strenuous Affectionately referred to as The Town Hill, Snow King receives a lot of local traffic thanks to its steep ascent, great views, and close proximity...

Twilight Over Mountain Peak

Swift Creek to Shoal Creek Loop

Distance: 22 miles Type: Loop Difficulty: Strenuous The views at the top of Swift Creek, leading to the Crystal Creek and Gros Ventre River headwaters are easily some of the most epic mountain views...

Gros Ventre Road and Foothills

Atherton Ridge – East to West

Distance: 4.1 miles Type: Out and back / Shuttle Difficulty: Moderate The Atherton Ridge Trail is a relatively forgotten trail, but is well worth the effort. Neither side is considerably easier to climb than...

Hiking Trail in Mountain Meadow

Defeated by Cream Puff Peak

If the hike hadn’t been as challenging as it was, I might have felt a little demoralized by the name, but summitting Cream Puff Peak does not come easy for anyone, especially once the...

Red Hills Trail

Red Hills and Lavender Hills

Tucked away east of Jackson Hole is local treasure very few take the time to see. The Red Hills of the Gros Ventre Mountains are an exposed sandstone deposit that are leftover from when...

Tent Under Night Sky

Coyote Rock

Located just east of Grand Teton National Park, high above the valley of Jackson Hole, lies a lone boulder secluded in its recession on a hill that delivers tremendous views of the region. This...

Turquoise Lake and Moon

Turquoise Lake

For starters, don’t let the name fool you. While the lake does have some turquoise color to it, it’s nothing like lakes you see in the Canadian Rockies or even more locally, Delta Lake....