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Snake River Mountains

Pole Canyon Hiking Trail

Pole Canyon

Pole Canyon is a strenuous 3.1 mile hike in the northern Snake River Mountains that reaches an exposed ridge, providing stunning views of Teton Valley and the nearby Teton Mountains.

Hillbender Trail Descending Below Large Peaks

Hillbender and Grumpy Loop

The Hillbender and Grumpy Loop is made up of two trails found in the Mike Harris trail network. It offers both scenic vistas of the surrounding area, as well as lots of time in a deep and old forest, giving hikers an intimate view of the mature woods.

Jackson Hole Below Mount Elly

Mount Elly

Mount Elly is an easily accessible peak in the northern Snake River Mountain Range, topping out at 9,262 feet above sea level. The hike to the summit is relatively easy, beginning along Highway 22 at Teton Pass at 8,424 feet above sea level, leaving only 800 feet to gain over 2 miles.