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Grizzly 399 Leading Cubs Along a Hilltop

How to Not Get Attacked By a Bear

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Whether you’re hiking among black bears, grizzly bears, or both, the general rules for not getting into trouble are pretty consistent. Following them can ensure that you have a safe and exciting time in the outdoors.

Ambient Sunrise Light on Tetons

Best Winter Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

There’s a certain calmness and peace in Grand Teton National Park during the winter season. It’s practically empty and everything’s covered in pure white snow. While all the best hikes are inaccessible to most traditional hikers, there are still many options that can still be enjoyed, especially on snowshoes!

Comet Neowise Above Jackson

Craft Beer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Jackson, Wyoming may be a small town, but it’s no stranger to craft beer. The town itself boasts four different breweries, all within walking distance of each other, as well as two more just thirty minutes away on the other side of Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho. Read up on what makes each one special and discover for yourself just how good mountain town beer can be.

Oxbow Bend and Jackson Lake Below Tetons

How to Day Hike in Jackson Hole Like a Local

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There’s no end to hiking in the Jackson Hole area. From short treks outside of town to alpine passes and lakes in the national parks and wilderness areas in the region, there are options for everyone, and there’s a few helpful hints that locals know to help them on their way.

Grizzly Bears Along Oxbow Bend

How to Find Grizzly Bears in Grand Teton and Yellowstone

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As a wildlife safari guide in Jackson Hole, a question I was frequently asked was, “Where do I find grizzly bears?” There are some tricks to finding them of course, but as is the case with so much, timing is everything. To maximize your chances, and because it’s impossible to say where any animal will be in the future, it’s always best to know the habits of grizzly bears to better understand where they might be.