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Corona Arch

Sun Behind Corona Arch
The sun setting behind the outer rim of Corona Arch. Moab, Utah

Corona Arch is one of the more popular hikes outside of the national parks that surround Moab, Utah. At only 1.2 miles long (one way), it makes for an easy escape to a massive arch in a beautiful sandstone landscape.

Corona Arch Trail Description

From the trailhead, follow the switchbacks up as the Corona Arch Trail climbs up a rocky rise. This is the hardest part of the trail, and once ascended, the trail will level out to cross over working railroad tracks (ie, watch for trains). On the other side of the tracks, the trail wraps around a large sandstone cliff and climbs up toward the back of a small canyon, offering great views of the surrounding terrain downstream the Colorado River. Should you start losing your way, look for the green markers on the rocks to help guide you.

Once up the back of the canyon, the landscape sprawls open into a much bigger vista, commanding sandstone cliffs surrounding you in every direction. The trail is much easier here as well, as the road noise from earlier fades away. Continue a gradual climb over ancient petrified sand dunes where a large canyon below will open up, complete with the railroad tracks from earlier as they squeeze through the canyon below.

After being guided around a large bend in the trail, Corona Arch comes into view straight ahead, though there’s still some hiking to be done before getting there. Shortly after, a sandstone scramble upward awaits, assisted with a steel cable to prevent falls. Immediately after that, climb up the ladder to bring you up to a sandstone ledge that you can follow around the canyon below to Corona Arch, passing Bowtie Arch just before reaching the destination. Stay as long as you like, then head back out the way you came in.

Getting There

From Moab, head north on Highway 191 and look for Potash Road, aka Utah 279 S. and turn left. Follow that road for about 10 miles as it weaves along the Colorado River, and look for the trailhead on your right.

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