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Craft Beer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Comet Neowise streaking above the town of Jackson in the pre-sunrise hours of the day as noctilucent clouds glow in the distance. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming may be a small town, but it’s no stranger to craft beer. The town itself boasts four different breweries, all within walking distance of each other, as well as two more just thirty minutes away on the other side of Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho. Read up on what makes each one special and discover for yourself just how good mountain town beer can be.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Breweries

Snake River Brewing

Address: 265 S Millward St, Jackson, WY 83001

The oldest and the most widely known brewery in the area, Snake River Brewing is a staple in Jackson Hole. Opened since 1994, they offer a wide selection of award-winning beers with a great patio and yard to sprawl out and enjoy. Receiving not one, but two awards for Small Brewery of the Year, they incorporate strong local vibes that run deep through their beer, named such flavors as the Jenny Lake Lager and the Snow King Pale Ale. On top of that, they have a full kitchen serving up plenty of wonderfully tasty American foods that perfectly complement any flavor beer you choose.

Melvin/Thai Me Up

Address: 75 E Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

Originating in the back of an obscure Thai restaurant in 2009, Melvin went from being a quiet, small-scale addition to a restaurant, to a powerful and widely known brewery in just a few short years. Still found in Thai Me Up, the bar area features a constant rotation of Kung Fu movies, paralleling their signature beers with new flavors. Receiving Small Brewery of the Year in 2015, they’ve established themselves as one of the go-to breweries in Jackson. Want to experience more of Melvin that what’s offered in Thai Me Up? Head down to Alpine to visit their brewing headquarters for a tour and tasting!

Roadhouse Brewing

Address: 20 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

Want to feel good about the beer you drink? Roadhouse Brewing is a proud supporter of Teton Search and Rescue, donating a portion of their sales to the heroic people who risk their lives to keep you safe in the backcountry. That alone should be enough to get you to check out their brewery, but the delicious beer selection that wonderfully complements the food will keep you coming back. Roadhouse Brewing was founded in 2012 over in Wilson, but then relocated to its current location at Town Square several years later. The new location gives them the opportunity to offer a patio for outdoor seating that overlooks Town Square itself. It’s a perfect way to end a day and relax while absorbing the town vibes.

StillWest Brewery and Grill

Address: 45 E Snow King Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

Jackson’s newest brewery, StillWest opened its doors in 2018 and has been steadily gaining traction as a force to be reckoned with. With some delightfully unique flavors and a mouth-watering kitchen menu, the location is an extra special treat as well. A second floor balcony overlooks the base of Snow King, which makes for a beautiful spot for sunset, or even to dine at before or after one of the many events that take place there. There’s even a taproom and coffee house on the first floor if you’ve already satisfied a hunger craving. It’s no wonder this new kid on the block is quickly gaining a lot of traction among both locals and tourists.

Victor, Idaho Breweries

Grand Teton Brewing

Address: 430 Old Jackson Hwy, Victor, ID 83455

History runs deep with Grand Teton Brewing. Originally known as Otto Brothers Brewing Company, this brewery was actually the first in the nation to revive the popular growler, allowing people to bring home more beer with less waste. At that time, the brewery was located in Wilson, Wyoming and extensively lobbied the state to make breweries legal. They succeeded and were the first to open their doors for business in 1988. They ultimately moved to Victor where their beers have spread across the region and are loved by beer enthusiasts from all over. Head over for a visit and tour of the operation, complete with tastings of both new and old favorites. There’s no kitchen, but you might catch it with a food truck, so be prepared.

Wildlife Brewing

Address: 145 S Main St, Victor, ID 83455

Wildlife Brewing is a local favorite. Their no nonsense approach to good beer and delicious pizza keep people coming back over and over again. Their roots run deep in Teton Valley, Idaho and beyond, creating a warm and welcoming vibe for both regulars and newcomers to the Teton Valley area. Stop in and find your new favorite!

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