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Grand View Point

Jackson Lake and Teton Mountains

Tip: Bring bear spray. Seriously. It’s not just for the safety of you, but also the bear. Even if you’re at fault, the park will put down the bear for attacking. The Grand View Point Trail and the surrounding area is dense with bears and bear spray cannot be recommended enough on any hike in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

For those looking for a quick, but rewarding hike as you head north to (or from) Yellowstone, Grand View Point makes an excellent stop. The short trail brings you through a dense forest before topping out at excellent views of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountains to the southwest, and Two Ocean Lake to the northeast.

Grand View Point Trail Description

At the trailhead, follow the former dirt road as it heads through the forest, then ascends up a small hill, winding around an open hillside at the top of a meadow. The trail will gradually begin to climb a hill after winding through a broken meadow, the road noise a distant part of the soundscape. Through this stretch, occasional glimpses of the northern Teton peaks can be seen above the breaks in the trees. Keep an eye out below as well as the old road that used to be drivable appears below. Here, the trail will straighten out and head into a forest.

Cross through the old parking lot for the original trail and look for the trail on the opposite side. It doesn’t take long before the trail starts climbing rather steeply. It will continue at a steady ascent up, but some areas are steeper than others. This stretch is heavily forested with limited views, but patience does ultimately get rewarded here.

After another 0.2 miles, the trail will fork with a trail coming from the right, connecting hikers with an option to head to Emma Matilda Lake, and/or Jackson Lake Lodge. Those with more time on your hands may want to consider this as an option, or also from starting at Jackson Lake Lodge.

Two Ocean Lake and Forest

The trail continues to ascend through the forest and after another half-mile or so, will begin to reveal some views. Initially, you’re treated to a view of Jackson Lake from a meadow before winding around back into the forest. Just through a small stretch of the forest, you come to a small knoll treating you to a view of the other direction, consisting of Two Ocean Lake and the Teton Wilderness. You’ll notice that many people walk right over the knoll, but please use the trail that winds around it to the left to minimize your impact on fragile vegetation.

After another short stretch through a forest, you’ll reach another small knoll with a tremendous view of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountains. Just a short distance back up the trail is the actual Grand View Point at 7823 feet, high above Two Ocean Lake and Emma Matilda Lake below, with the Teton Wilderness and Absoraka Mountains stretching into the distance.

Enjoy the view, and head out the same way you came in whenever you’re ready. For those with more time on their hands, you can also continue on the trail to be brought down to Two Ocean Lake just 1.3 miles farther. For those with all day to spare, a trail continues around both Two Ocean Lake and Emma Matilda Lake, winding you through a plethora of grand views in a more remote area of Grand Teton National Park.

Getting There

From the Moran Entrance Station, continue north on Highway 89 for 5.7 miles, passing Jackson Lake Lodge on the left. Take the next right turn on the unmarked road as the highway begins a small descent down the hill, and follow the short dirt road to the end where it dead-ends into a large parking area. The trailhead will begin at the back of the parking lot.

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