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History Trail

The History Trail cutting through a meadow lined with wildflowers in the southern Teton Mountains. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

The History Trail is a moderate 3.8 mile hike in the Old Pass Road area of the southern Teton Mountains. It can hiked as an out and back hike or connected with numerous other trails in the area for a loop. The route also has the distinction of being the original wagon road used to get over Teton Pass before Old Pass Road was constructed. The latter was, of course, replaced with the current route along Highway 22. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for evidence of the route’s history!

History Trail Description

From the main parking area, head down the trail from the south end of the parking area. You’ll soon cross over a creek, quickly entering a large meadow. It’s here you reach the junction that begins the History Trail. Head right to begin heading up the trail.

An old ski lift tractor weathering and decaying in aspen trees and wild geranium wildflowers along the History Trail in the Teton Mountains. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

After passing an old ski lift tractor on the left, you’ll reach another junction with the Big Rocks Trail immediately after. Continue right to stay on the History Trail where a kiosk will greet you at the other end of the meadow. Here you can read up on a bit of the history that gives the trail its name.

Beyond the kiosk the trail climbs up into an old forest. You’ll cross over a creek and ascend in and out of lush meadows and the mature woods. Below and to the left Trail Creek rushes at the bottom of the canyon.

Though the trail is never terribly steep until closer to the end, it climbs consistently, gaining nearly 2,000 feet of elevation in just shy of 4 miles.

You’ll wind up through the meadows and woods and reach a pair of footbridges that cross a scenic stream. Shortly after you’ll connect with the Crater Trail at 1.25 miles in. Continue straight where you’ll maintain the peaceful pattern of beautiful meadows and old evergreens. It’s also through here that you’ll notice you’re moving away from the creek.

The History Trail passing through a quiet old growth forest at the base of the Teton Mountains. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

You’ll continue to climb where you’ll soon reach a junction with the History Connector at 1.5 miles in, cutting back to Old Pass Road, which comes out near Crater Lake. To remain on the History Trail, stay left, crossing another small footbridge over a small creek.

The History Trail will wind along the creek for a bit before breaking away and making another ascent. You’ll notice this is a rather serene part of the forest, the distant noise of Highway 22 blocked by the hills. Another creek crossing awaits, where you make a quick descent between two forks of the creek. Soon enough, you cross the other fork where you then pass through a large lush meadow.

As you pass underneath large power lines, you’ll connect with the OPR Connector at 2.3 miles in. This connector is also the last opportunity you have to break off to Old Pass Road for whatever reason. Otherwise, continue up the History Trail by heading left. With the large meadow opening up the vistas, gorgeous views of Jackson Hole present themselves below the power lines.

You’ll soon climb back into a sparse forest as you wind around a large hillside. In the distance Jackson Peak and the southern Gros Ventre Mountains rise above the trees. You’ll wind in and out of meadows as the trail continues wrapping around the hill. With the sound of the rush of the creek below, you’ll make a small creek crossing before passing under the power lines once again.

Trail Creek in Dense Forest Brush
Trail Creek flowing along the History Trail through dense forest brush. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

The trail will begin climbing more steeply through the sparse forest as switchbacks begin bending up the hill. You’ll soon enter another large meadow with young aspen trees scattered throughout. From here, Teton Pass is straight ahead as it rises above.

The last stretch of the History Trail will reenter an old forest, continuing up switchbacks. The last switchback ascends through one last large meadow before reaching the trail’s terminus on Teton Pass.

From here, you can access a number of other trails for more mileage, head back out the same way you came in, or also connect with Old Pass Road for an easier hike out with a change of scenery.

Getting There

From downtown Wilson, head west on Highway 22 for 1.1 miles. Turn left onto Old Pass Road and follow that to its dead-end, where the parking area is located.

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