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Lakeshore Trail

A short spur trail along the Lakeshore Trail descending toward the waters of Jackson Lake. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Lakeshore Trail at Colter Bay is an easy 2 mile lollipop loop hike found in northern Grand Teton National Park. The scenic saunter offers gorgeous views of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountains between peaceful wanderings through a mature forest.

Lakeshore Trail Description

The Lakeshore Trail begins behind the Colter Bay Visitor Center, dropping down to the shores of Jackson Lake. It begins wide and paved as it enters into the forest lining the shore. At 0.3 miles in, you’ll reach a signed junction directing you to the right. After a brief bit of snaking through the trees, you’ll reach another junction directing you left, where you’ll walk out into a land bridge. Colter Bay will be on your left while Jackson Lake proper stretches out to the north on the right.

At the opposite end of the land bridge you reach the actual loop where either direction welcomes you. In this case, I went right. The loop begins wandering through an old forest with the lake visible through the trees on the right. An easy climb ascends a small rise as the trail winds back around before passing through a small meadow.

After a quick descent on the opposite end you’ll once again wander through the woods. Shortly after you reach a scenic view of the lake with the Tetons riding mightily above.

Continue skirting along the lakeshore where after another moment you’ll veer back into the mature woods. A quick and easy climb brings you descending through a small meadow before continuing the relaxing descent through the aromatic forest.

The loop closes out after the descent where you’ll cross the land bridge once again. From here you can either head back out the way you came in or add another 0.5 miles by hiking back via the Amphitheater.

Getting There

From the Highway 89 and Colter Bay Junction, head west for 1 mile and turn right to park near the Visitor Center. The trailhead is behind the building.

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