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Moose Falls

Moose Falls

Moose Falls is the kind of hike that is so short and sweet that there’s really no point in not doing it. With the entire hike (if you could even call it that) adding up to less than a quarter of a mile, it’s the perfect stop along your way to or from Grand Teton National Park. So whether you’ve already experienced a great diversity in Yellowstone’s waterfalls, or you’re itching for your first taste, this is a must-do partly because of its beauty and partly because of its easy access.

Moose Falls Trail Description

Moose Falls is a 30 foot waterfall pouring over a cliff along Crawfish Creek on its way toward the Lewis River. The trail to the falls is easy to follow and has very little elevation gain on its way to the brink of the falls. A small rocky staircase will lead those interested down to the base of the falls where mist is often sprayed up around its base.

As indicated, Moose Falls is worth the trip any time of the year. Those making the trip on a snowmobile tour or snowcoach tour in winter are typically offered the opportunity to make the short walk to the falls.

Getting There

From Flagg Ranch near the border of the South Entrance, drive up Highway 89/191 just over three miles where you’ll cross over a bridge which names Crawfish Creek below. The parking area is just after the bridge on the right (or on the other side of the road if you’re coming from the north).

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