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Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool steaming below a cloudy sky. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Morning Glory Pool hike is an easy 1.4 mile (one way) hike in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, originating from Old Faithful Geyser and ending at a stunningly colorful hot spring. It’s one of Yellowstone’s most sought-after hot springs, with its striking color attracting many people who visit. Along the way, you’re treated to a number of other geysers and hot springs, each as unique as any in the park.

Morning Glory Pool Trail Description

Begin at the Old Faithful Geyser and follow the paved trail around the front of the parking lot to the Old Faithful Inn. You’ll head toward Castle Geyser, a large cone geyser with a massive build-up of sinter around the orifice. Continue straight along the main path where you’ll continue hiking past scenic hot springs and smaller geysers, paralleling the Firehole River the entire way. At times, you’ll have a great view of the river, while at other times the terrain hides it from view.

At 1.1 miles in you’ll come to a junction with Grotto Geyser on the right, another cone geyser with built-up sinter in remarkably unique formations. Within another 0.3 miles, you’ll pass more geysers and springs and cross the Firehole River over a small bridge where Morning Glory Pool will be on your left. Enjoy the site and head back out when you’re ready.

On your way out, consider taking a left at the junction at Grotto Geyser to be treated to even more of the Upper Geyser Basin’s remarkable features and also to extend the hike into a loop. You’ll reconnect at Old Faithful around the Old Faithful Lodge (not to be confused with the Inn).

Getting There

This description begins at a specific point around Old Faithful, however you can begin from virtually anywhere in the Upper Geyser Basin. To match this post’s description, head toward Old Faithful Geyser and begin near the Old Faithful Inn, the large log cabin hotel.

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