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Mount Glory

Teton Peaks from Mount Glory
The rugged Teton Mountains stretching out northward from the summit of Mount Glory. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Mount Glory is the southernmost peak of the Teton Mountain Range, reaching an elevation of 10,033 feet above sea level, and rising above Teton Pass roughly 1,600 feet below. The hike up is a challenging and strenuous excursion that bridges that 1,600 feet from Teton Pass to summit in just one steep mile.

Mount Glory Trail Description

The trail up Mount Glory begins on the north side of Teton Pass, ie, on the opposite side of the highway from the parking area. Ascending quickly through the trees, the trail then climbs up the exposed mountainside with a few sparse trees challenging the treeline, picturesque wildflowers sprinkled along the way. With increasingly panoramic views the higher you climb, it’s easy to find an excuse to stop and rest, though you won’t find much in terms of places to sit and relax. The trail is relentless in its ascent.

As you near the top, you’ll come across old communications equipment, and looking up the trail, you see a tease of a false summit. Rest assured, the actual summit is not far away, though it won’t come easy. There’s still over 100 vertical feet to gain in just a tenth of a mile.

At last, on top of Mount Glory, the view is as rewarding as the climb was challenging. Directly to the north the Grand Teton pokes above every other jagged peak between you the iconic peak, while to the east a sweeping vista of the valley of Jackson Hole is dwarfed by the Gros Ventre Mountains rising above. From this vantage point, you can also see how the term ‘hole’ was applied to the valley of Jackson Hole. It simply looks like a big hole in the mountains. To the south, the far end of the valley recedes into the Snake River Mountains, while to the west the Big Hole Mountains can be seen beyond Teton Valley, Idaho and nearby Taylor Mountain of the Tetons. It’s a tremendous panoramic view that deserves a welcomed break.

Weather permitting, along with time and energy, continue ahead along the literal Teton Crest to explore some easy rambling at the top of the Teton Range for increasingly interesting views.

Getting There

From Wilson, Wyoming, follow Highway 22 west for 5.5 miles where it will crest at Teton Pass. Park on the left in the parking area and look for the trail across the street, using caution when crossing the highway traffic.

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