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Park Avenue

Fog Surrounding the Park Avenue Trail
A thick winter fog surrounding and engulfing the sandstone buttes along the Park Avenue Trail. Arches National Park, Utah

The Park Avenue Trail in Arches National Park is a short and easy 1 mile hike that follows a wash through immense and massive sandstone cliffs. Though there aren’t many signature arches along the trail, the unusual sandstone scenery is enough to entertain anyone.

Park Avenue Trail Description

The Park Avenue Trail begins at one pullout along the main road and ends at another. Which way you hike it is entirely up to you. Originating from the southern end, the trail begins among skyscraper-like sandstone cliffs, a scene dramatic enough to lure people into stopping just for the scenery.

It quickly descends into the small canyon where the cliffs increase in size as you pass down into the sweet smelling junipers lining the trail. Along the way it twists and turns through the canyon bottom as the cliffs never quite diminish in size, but gradually begin to open up into a widening canyon.

As the canyon widens the wash opens up with plenty of slickrock to roam around on. Up ahead, the monolithic landmark of The Organ begins to come into view. Continue along the wash until you reach the road and the opposite trailhead.

While this could be a shuttle hike, it’s so short that you might as well see it going the other way as well! Heading back you’ll get to experience the canyon walls closing in around you before reaching the top.

Dead Juniper Below Fogbow
A fogbow arching over a dead juniper tree along the Park Avenue Trail during a clearing winter storm. Arches National Park, Utah

Getting There

From the Arches National Park entrance station, head up the road for 2.2 miles and look for the parking area on your left.

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