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Wanderlove: Short Stories from the Arizona Trail


Dive into the mind of a thru-hiker through a series of whimsical and wild short stories from the 800-mile journey of the Arizona Trail

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Ever wanted to peek inside the mind of a thru-hiker? Join me, an award-winning nature photographer, as I examine my own personal growth and struggles through a series of wild and eclectic short stories, all while trying to survive the harsh Arizona wilderness over the course of the 800-mile Arizona Trail. I reflect on my journey through Arizona’s stunning natural beauty and diverse flora and fauna, as well as my own past and present relationships with family and friends, while overcoming and navigating Arizona’s rugged and remote landscapes. Experience a series of whimsical short stories strung together through an arduous thru-hike, as I discover the healing power of such a journey, one mile at a time.


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