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Rendezvous Mountain Summit

The Grand Teton poking up above distant peaks in the Teton Mountains. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

The hike up to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a strenuous 6.6 mile hike, gaining 4,000 vertical feet along the way. The hike makes use of both the Wildflower Trail and the Cirque Trail for its ascent. Unparalleled panoramic views await at the summit, complete with must-have homemade waffles at Corbet’s Cabin. Once at the top, you can even enjoy a free tram ride back down!

Rendezvous Mountain Summit Trail Description

From the Jackson Hole Tram, head up the mountain, going to the right of the Walk Festival Hall building. Look for the Wildflower Trailhead as you pass the Bridger Gondola and approach the Eagle’s Rest Lift.

Wildflower Trail

You’ll first begin on the Wildflower Trail, ascending that most of the way up. Look for the trailhead between the Sweetwater and Bridger Gondolas, and up toward the base of the Eagle’s Rest Lift. For a short distance, you’ll meander along a service road. The trail will then break away and begin climbing steeply through a ski run.

The Tram cables spanning across a ski run below the Wildflower Trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

The trail will follow a fairly consistent pattern as it ascends, climbing many switchbacks through aspen groves and ski runs. At 0.6 miles in, you’ll reach a junction with the Seven Bridges Trail. The Wildflower Trail only shares a few steps with the Seven Bridges Trail, so first head left onto the trail, then veer off right at the next junction.

The Wildflower Trail maintains its ascent up switchbacks. With the continued gain in elevation, the views looking down Jackson Hole only get better with each turn. If you’re hiking this trail during peak summer season, you’re likely also going to experience lush wildflowers lining the trail and the ski runs, the trail living up to its name.

Remember Your Time at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Unexpectedly, at 1.6 miles in, you’ll reach a large tree swing, which you really should take a few moments to enjoy. Beyond the tree swing, you’ll climb through a forest as you begin to wrap around a drainage. This will take you over to the Casper Lift and restaurant. Though the restaurant is closed for the season, incredible views can be enjoyed from this checkpoint at 2 miles in.

The Wildflower Trail making a sharp switchback at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Beyond the Casper Lift, the Wildflower Trail will wind back into the trees. You’ll cross a small creek, followed by a service road crossing in a ski run. You’ll enter back into another forest and connect with the Holey Moley Trail at 2.4 miles in. Head left, where the trail will become rockier for a short distance.

Continuing up the Wildflower Trail, you’ll wind back around and pass above the Casper Lift, making consistent switchbacks up varying ski runs. You’ll pass through an occasional small forest grove while also making a couple of service road crosses along the way.

You’ll then enter an old forest where switchbacks keep the steady ascent going. Once you pop out into another ski run, you’ll notice you’re now below the Bridger Gondola. It’s a quick hike up to the restaurant where you’re free to take a rest on the patio overlooking the valley of Jackson Hole.

The Tram rising above the Wildflower Trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Cirque Trail

Once you’re ready to proceed, look for the Cirque Trail on the south side of the restaurant. The trail wastes no time continuing the ascent. At 4.6 miles in, you’ll reach a junction for the Casper Ridge Trail. Head left to remain on the Cirque Trail. Expansive views open up as you climb up before popping out below a large rock face. Ahead in the distance is the top of the Jackson Hole Tram.

Talus and loose rock make up the trail as you navigate forward below the rock face. Once past the cliff, the trail will widen. You’ll climb up through forest groves and rocky terrain after forking right from the old service road. Steep switchbacks will bring you up through the forest grove. You’ll continue to climb, occasionally crossing a service road before the Cirque Trail opens up into a meadow. From this meadow, you’ll get your first views of the Grand Teton in the distance northward.

After passing through another forest grove, the trail will climb into a meadow on a ridge. Switchbacks begin climbing up the rocky mountainside. At times, you’ll need to scramble up the steep rocks. This part of the Cirque Trail is steep and exposed, so those with a fear of heights should do their research ahead of time. Beyond the scrambling, the trail maintains a steep climb up the alpine terrain, now just above treeline.

A marmot peeking out over a boulder along the Cirque Trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Along the way up, you’ll pass by the famous Corbet’s Couloir. At this point, you’ll probably notice an increase in the amount of people on the trail. Many people will hike down to the iconic feature after taking the tram up to the summit. Feel free to check out the jump that attracts world-class skiers and snowboarders, then head back up the trail.

The Cirque Trail ascends steeply still up to the also famous Corbet’s Cabin, passing plenty of alpine tundra vegetation along the way. From here, you can either stop into the cabin for a highly-renowned waffle, or continue up to the Top of the World, ie, the summit of Rendezvous Mountain a short distance beyond the cabin.

Once you’ve had your fill of the food and views, you can enjoy a free tram ride back down the mountain.

Getting There

From anywhere in Teton Village, head toward the base of the tram. The trail will begin up from the tram and between the Bridger and Sweetwater Gondolas.

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