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Rendezvous Mountain Trail

Trail Ascending Above Granite Canyon
The Rendezvous Mountain Trail ascending high above Granite Canyon in the Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Rendezvous Mountain Trail is a strenuous 5.4 mile (one way) trail that begins in Granite Canyon of the Teton Mountains and ascends up the back of its namesake mountain to connect with the top of the Jackson Hole Tram. Most people use the trail to descend either to Marion Lake (and possibly beyond), or down Granite Canyon. For that reason, this post is written from the perspective of descending from the Tram.

Rendezvous Mountain Trail Description

From the Jackson Hole Tram, head past Corbit’s Cabin along the wide exposed trail where you’ll quickly connect with the Rock Springs Trail. Follow that trail down for 0.4 miles where you’ll then veer right to head toward Granite Canyon. Initially in a small forest, the trees begin to get larger as you get farther down. From this area, distant views into upper Granite Canyon are visible for miles.

The trail makes a couple of large switchbacks down through the growing evergreen forest, where it then emerges at a large bowl at the back of a side canyon of Granite Canyon. Once across to the other side of the canyon, you make a relatively steep ascent up the side of a large exposed ridge. If you time it right, wildflowers will be bursting through this area, adding a beautiful splash of color to the landscape. A quick switchback will rise to make the final ascent of the ridge where gorgeous views can be seen down lower Granite Canyon.

Rendezvous Mountain Trail in Forest
The Rendezvous Mountain Trail winding through an old forest as it begins to ascend its namesake mountain. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

On the other side of the ridge, the trail begins another descent through an older and denser evergreen forest. Through the trees you get brief glimpses of upper Granite Canyon as it switchbacks into the Middle Fork Camping Zone. Shortly after, the trees begin to thin out a bit as the trail also levels out.

As you reenter the forest with the trail still descending at a mild and relaxing pace, you’ll cross a series of seasonal streams, the forest once again thinning slightly. Soon enough, you enter a large sub-alpine meadow. Fingers of forests break up the meadows here and there as it winds up and over small hills through the meadows. Not long after, at 3.6 miles in, you’ll reach a junction with the Middle Fork Cutoff Trail. To continue down Granite Canyon, stay right. To head to Marion Lake along the Teton Crest Trail 3 miles away, head left.

Getting There

From Teton Village, take the Tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain and begin per the details above.

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