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Storm Point Trail

Clouds Passing Above Yellowstone Lake
Clouds moving and passing above Yellowstone Lake beyond the Storm Point Trail. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Storm Point Trail is an easy 3 mile lollipop loop that brings hikers to a beautiful point along the shores of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. A large trail can be easily accessed along the East Entrance Road.

Storm Point Trail Description

From the trailhead, head south along Indian Pond, the remnants of a hydrothermal explosion, believed to have occurred roughly 3,000 years ago. Beyond the small pond you’ll enter into an evergreen forest. Yellowstone Lake becomes clearly visible through the trees. The trail will make a quick descent to cross a creek before climbing back up. Beautiful views of the lake can be enjoyed on both sides of the creek.

Take Home a Bit of Yellowstone

Just beyond the creek you’ll reach a fork to begin the loop. There’s no right or wrong way, but for this write-up, I went left. You’ll head straight through the forest, which is consistent along the lake’s shore. The thick old forest is quiet, through road noise is still audible back at the trailhead.

The Storm Point Trail wandering through a thick forest along Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Soon the forest begins to thin out and veers away from Yellowstone Lake. It’s here that you’ll dip into a meadow where you’ll then wind around to Storm Point. Through the sandy trail, you can even make out the Grand Teton far in the distance ahead. Upon reaching the actual point, a small spur trail will guide you onto the point to experience the dramatic views all around.

Once ready to resume, head back to the main trail where you’ll continue along Yellowstone Lake’s shores. Just a short distance farther and you’ll reach another small spur trail. This heads to a small and less dramatic point, but still beautiful in its own right.

A rocky spit protruding into Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Once back on the Storm Point Trail, you’ll cut away from the lake and head back toward the forest. After a quick meadow crossing, the forest will thicken and will become quiet once again. Along this path you’ll feel a bit farther from the road than you actually are, providing a nice bit of a wilderness feeling. You’ll continue winding through the woods and as you begin to hear the road noise once again, you’ll reach the initial fork. Head left to close out the loop and head back to the trailhead.

Getting There

From the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center, head east along the East Entrance Road for 2.5 miles. Look for the trailhead on your right.

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