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Two Ocean Lake

Two Ocean Lake stretching out into the distance below the Absaroka Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Two Ocean Lake hike is an easy 6.5 mile hike around a large glacial lake in northern Grand Teton National Park at the base of the Absaroka Mountains. The trail can be done as is, or also connected with a number of other trails in the area such as Emma Matilda and Grand View Point.

Two Ocean Lake Trail Description

Begin from the parking area by heading in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. If you want to save the best views for last, follow the loop clockwise, which is what this description will reflect.

From the forested parking area, the trail enters into much denser woods, quickly reaching a junction. Heading left will bring you to Emma Matilda Lake, so head right to continue around the Two Ocean Lake Loop.

For the next 2 miles or so, the Two Ocean Lake Loop will be primarily forested through the mature woods, with only a brief glimpse of the lake visible through the trees. This will be broken up by two large meadows, the second larger than the first. This pair of meadows brings a welcome break to the trail with serene views of the lake.

The Two Ocean Lake Trail winding through a large meadow that stretches out above Two Ocean Lake. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

After reentering the forest following the second meadow, you’ll cross a small seasonal creek through a small meadow, where the trail will then gain a bit of elevation. You’ll meander through the old forest once more, where, at roughly 2.75 miles in, you’ll reach another junction. Left will take you up to Grand View Point, a 2.2 miles round-trip detour, whereas right will maintain the Two Ocean Lake Loop.

From this junction the trail becomes more scenic as the forest thins out in more spots. Shortly past the junction, the trail will emerge from the forest among dense willows, providing a scenic vantage point looking up the length of the lake. Aspens begin to become regular trees along the landscape, and will be throughout the remainder of the hike. Large open meadows expand around the trail providing ample views of the lake and soon enough, even the Teton Mountains rising in the distance. Small groves of forest occasionally break up the meadows, but never for very long.

Two Ocean Lake Trail Below Hills
Foothills of the Absaroka Mountains rising in the distance above the Two Ocean Lake Trail as it passes through a meadow. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The remainder of the hike is well worth the lovely, but monotonous, first 3 miles, giving you plenty of stunning glacial lake scenery combined with vibrant forest and aspen groves. The meadows are an idyllic mountain scene that only entice you further along the trail.

As the trail winds around the eastern end of the lake, you’ll cross the runoff from the lake. The original parking area is just on the other side, rounding out the 6.5 mile loop.

Getting There

From the Moran Entrance Station, continue straight for 1 mile, and turn right onto Pacific Creek Road. Follow that road for 2.1 miles, turning left onto Two Ocean Lake Road. Proceed straight for 2.4 miles and the road will dead-end at the trailhead.

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