Best Hikes in Arches National Park

The iconic Delicate Arch illuminated with golden sunset light below passing clouds. Arches National Park, Utah

Containing some of the most unusual and iconic rock formations in the world, Arches National Park is no stranger to outstanding hikes. This short list are the trails that should be at the top of your list.

Delicate Arch

The most obvious hike on this list is Delicate Arch. The titular arch is so iconic it’s even on Utah’s license plates, so hiking in to see it is obviously a must-do. The moderate 1.5 mile one-way hike gains a decent amount of elevation before wrapping you around sandstone hills where Delicate Arch emerges towering over the landscape ahead, as well as the La Sal Mountains in the distance.

Wall Street

While you won’t see too many arches along this hike, or even at all, you will see some breathtaking sandstone fins and cliffs lining this easy 1 mile trail. Descending down a wash, the hike sandwiches you between gargantuan sandstone towers that are absolutely worth checking out, even with the lack of natural arches. The hike is also so short and easy, why not head back the same way for a different perspective?

A thick winter fog surrounding and engulfing the sandstone buttes along the Park Avenue Trail. Arches National Park, Utah

Devils Garden

The Devils Garden Trail has a number of options for length, accommodating those looking for a quick and easy hike to those looking for something more lengthy and strenuous. Many people will do the quick and easy 1 mile hike in to Landscape Arch, while a few more will continue trekking to Double O Arch at 4 miles in. Fewer will venture into the actual Devils Garden where a frequent scramble over slickrock as well as route finding is more common. At about 8.5 miles round trip, the last option is definitely the most adventurous option in Arches National Park.

The Windows

An easy 1 mile loop brings hikers around the North and South Windows, with an option to extend the hike out to nearby Turret Arch. The scenic loop not only brings you to the less visited backside of the Windows, but also provides astounding views up the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains rising high above.


This list only scratches the surface of the hiking possibilities in Arches National Park. Though a small park, there are plenty of possibilities with each hike as uniquely interesting as any hike.

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