Tallman Mountain State Park

Benches Above Piermont

Distance: 3.8 miles

Type: Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Tallman Mountain State Park is a beautiful and diverse state park that can actually be hiked nearly in its entirety in just over four mostly easy miles. You’ll pass through signature deciduous forests of the lower Hudson Valley, quiet wetlands, and outstanding views of both the Hudson River and the nearby town of Piermont.

Though the park can be easily accessed by car primarily off of Highway 9W, this description begins by entering via the Piermont Marsh on the north side of the park. This allows you the opportunity to walk right into any of Piermont’s amazing eateries to end your hike.

Tallman Mountain State Park Trail Description

Find the Piermont Marsh bike path entrance just south of Sparkill Creek, and begin taking that into Tallman Mountain State Park. The marshy wetlands will be on your left, the tall grasses rising out of the still water, while large rocky cliffs shoot out from the ground on your right. After .3 miles, you’ll reach a parking area for the park’s swimming pool. Follow along the parking lot a short distance and look for a paved trail that ascends up the hill on the right. This will lead behind the pool, and to a scenic overlook that looks down over the marsh.

As the trail veers away from the pavement, it’ll make use of a small footbridge, visible from the overlook, where it will join the Long Path. The path will climb up a winding trail before climbing a short series of steps. This will pass by a picnic area before heading deeper into the woods.

Sun Through Trees

Before the Long Path intersects the bike path, follow a trail junction left. This allows you to take advantage of some beautiful vantage points directly above the Hudson River and the marsh below. Even the Tappan Zee Bridge to the north puts on a great display from this ideal overlook.

Continue straight as you reach a junction, and you’ll soon find yourself at some old ruins along a light creek. The beautiful historic architecture appeared to have employed the use of a tiered dam system in its day, but today only stands as broken walls in the peaceful creek. The trail will run along the opposite side of the creek on top of an old earthen wall, where it soon rejoins the bike trail, after taking a right on a gravel road crossing.

After walking .1 miles west, you’ll intersect once again with the Long Path, where more ruins lie on the opposite side, this time in the form of an old collapsed house. At these ruins, take a right along the Long Path to head straight through some quiet and remarkable wetlands, the occasional pond and pool glistening through the trees.

Follow the trail on a 90 degree bend after passing multiple smaller trail crossings, and turn left onto the bike path when you reach the intersection. Along the way, educational signs about the various classifications of trees you’re seeing can be enjoyed to better understand the forest around you.

Early Autumn Leaves Around Ruins

Upon reaching the gate, take a left to begin up the road. Heading straight will add only a short distance and will rejoin the loop shortly ahead. Just before the road reaches its intersection, look for a path leading into the woods on the right. Take that to parallel the road, passing through a meadow where you’ll find the trail waiting on the other side. Follow the trail to a roundabout and look for the rocky staircase on the other side, clearly marked as the Long Path, and begin ascending the steps.

You’ll come out at a large picnic area where the Long Path follows the road for a bit, branching off at a rewarding and breathtaking view to the north of Piermont, the Hudson River, the Piermont Pier, and the Tappan Zee Bridge. Once you’ve sufficiently enjoyed the views, descend the rocky steps of the Long Path down to the bike path you originated on, then head to Piermont for some delicious food.

Elevation Profile for Tallman State Park Loop Hike
Elevation Profile for Tallman State Park Loop Hike, courtesy of Route Scout

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