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Goose Lake

Lush grasses lining the shores of Goose Lake. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Goose Lake is an easy 2.25 mile (one way) hike along the Fairy Falls Trail in Yellowstone National Park to a gorgeous glacial lake. The trail passes the stunning Midway Geyser Basin along the way, and is entirely along a wide gravel path, also used by bicycles.

Goose Lake Trail Description

From the trailhead, head across the Firehole River along the wide gravel path. You’ll pass a smattering of hot springs before the incredible Grand Prismatic Spring comes into view. At 0.6 miles in, you’ll reach the Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail. If you haven’t done this trail yet, it’s highly recommended you take the detour up. The overlook trail reconnects with the main Fairy Falls Trail 0.25 miles ahead.

In either case, you’ll see colorful steam rising from the immense hot spring just off in the distance. Just as you begin to leave it behind, you reach a fork for the more traditional Fairy Falls Trail, branching to the left. Continue straight to head to Goose Lake.

Firehole River Below Fountain Flat Drive Trail
The Firehole River winding through a large meadow below the Fountain Flat Drive Trail. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Passing the outer fringes of the Midway Geyser Basin, the Firehole River soon comes into view once again. It snakes through its floodplain as just ahead the trail veers away from the river. Almost immediately after, you reach the southern end of Goose Lake. Continue up the trail just a bit farther to get some increasingly wonderful views of the serene lake.

Enjoy the scenery and when ready, head out the same way you came in. Looking for more miles? Consider taking a longer scenic loop or heading to Fairy Falls on your way out!

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Getting There

From Old Faithful, head north along the southern Grand Loop Road. After 4.4 miles, turn left into the Fairy Falls Trailhead Parking Lot.

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