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Arizona Trail Hike Sponsor Profile – Kate’s Real Food


If there’s only one energy bar that I could have in addition to Cricket Bars on the Arizona Trail, it would be Grizzly Bars. Unlike most other energy bars on the market, they don’t have that protein powder taste that I find in other bars. Instead, the peanut butter and dark chocolate infused Grizzly Bar actually tastes like real peanut butter and real dark chocolate. In fact I like the taste so much, I’ve even been known to eat them for dessert just so I can get my chocolate fix.

Prior to finding Kate’s Bars, I had been a Clif Bar junkie, mainly because I wanted good ingredients in my system in a portable snack I could bring on the trail and at the time, they were the only thing on the market that I could find that fit that criteria. After a few years of living in Jackson Hole, I noticed a new(er) bar popping up in the energy bar section. Promoting organic ingredients and chocolate while also being from a local business, I had no reason not to give it a try. I was instantly hooked and in a short time had decided that Kate’s Real Food bars were my new favorite backcountry snack.

I’m excited and overjoyed that we’ll have Kate’s Bars to enjoy along our epic journey through Arizona. They’ll be greatly needed and devoured appropriately.

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