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Lost Lake

Light rain showers falling over Lost Lake. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Lost Lake is an easy 0.7 mile hike originating from the Petrified Tree parking area in northern Yellowstone National Park. The pleasant hike ends at a sprawling glacial lake at the bottom of a small, picturesque canyon.

Lost Lake Trail Description

Beginning from the southeast end of the Petrified Tree parking lot, look for the Lost Lake Trail to drop down into the small canyon below. As you navigate along the small creek, the canyon will soon narrow a bit. Just beyond the narrowing, the landscape opens up into a larger and more lush meadow. You’ll continue along a long bend in the trail that traverses the base of the large hill on your left. Very quickly, Lost Lake will come into view below a rocky hillside on the opposite side of the canyon. Head up the trail a bit farther to find a small spur trail that will lead to the shore to relax and enjoy the view!

Getting There

From Roosevelt Lodge/Tower Junction, head west along the Grand Loop Road for 1.4 miles. Turn left onto the road to access the Petrified Tree. Follow the road to the end and look for the trail in the southeast corner of the parking area.

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