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Rockland Lake and Hudson River 0

Hook Mountain

Distance: 1 mile (one way) Type: Out and back Difficulty: Moderate Hook Mountain provides ample views of the Hudson River Valley, bringing hikers up to the Palisades’ cliffs edge to feature outstanding views of...

Palisades Covered in Fall Colors 0

High Tor

Distance: 2.2 miles (one way) Type: Out and back Difficulty: Easy High Tor State Park protects the northern Hudson River Palisades, which also includes the highest peak of High Tor, rising up over 600...

Benches Above Piermont 0

Tallman Mountain State Park

Distance: 3.8 miles Type: Loop Difficulty: Easy Tallman Mountain State Park is a beautiful and diverse state park that can actually be hiked nearly in its entirety in just over four mostly easy miles....